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Abandoned Car Towing

Towing Services in NYC

Expert Towing NYC offers a wide range of towing services to meet all your demands in time. What people like about us is our way of interaction with our clients and the way our professionals execute all sorts of work related to towing. We provide you with efficient and timely car towing services regardless of day, time and occasion. The towing services we offer in Brooklyn and Queens are as follows:


Towing of Private Property

We provide towing assistance to security companies, property owners and management companies to create a private property impound program. Whether it is No Parking signs or the concerned legal requirements, we are with you on all notes. So if you have any parking issue, do call us and enjoy our prompt services specially designed for you. Rest assure. You will be delighted to be with us.


Collision Recovery

We can tow you to a quality body shop of your choice; in case get trapped in a wreck or an accident.  Even though you are badly stuck in the boggy mire or fallen into a ditch, you can rely on us and call. We ensure you damage free recovery of the vehicle.

Emergency Roadside Aid

We provide you the most dependable emergency roadside assistance. Our trained drivers and professionals are always there to help with services like lockout, jump starts, and flat tire changing.

Long Distance Car Towing

We are made for towing of all show and custom cars. We have a lots of experience with towing modified and lowered trucks and cars. So no towing company can be as trustworthy as we are.

Abandoned Car

We provide removal services for unwanted cars and vehicles. The best thing about us is that we put the old junk in recycling process using eco friendly methods. Apart from these services we also provide services like Vehicle Storage and Repossessions. So Expert Towing NYC is all made for you if you are Brooklyn or Queens. Do call us whenever you are in need of any services related to the car tow.

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